Region 6: Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services

Adoption Information

    Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services 

  • There are hundreds of children in government care who are seeking permanent, loving “forever” homes.
    Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services is responsible for finding the best possible “forever” home for
    these children. We not only provide prospective adoptive parent(s) with guidance through the adoption process,
    but we also help adoptive parents support the special needs of their new child or sibling group. To review
    profiles of children available for adoption:
Phone: 780-422-3333

Fostering and Kinship Partners

    Ben Calf Robe Society
  • Ben Calf Robe Society, established in 1981, is a not-for-profit Aboriginal organization that provides numerous 
    community services, including foster care. We believe our children are sacred and our work strives to protect 
    and enhance that sacredness by providing Aboriginal children and their families with holistic education and 
    supportive services of high quality and cultural relevance.
Phone: 780-477-6648 | Website

    Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society

  • Bent Arrow’s foster care program, called Nitotemak, serves Aboriginal youth between the ages of 10 and 17.
    A large number of Bent Arrow’s youth are part of a sibling group, so they are always looking for homes that
    can accept more than one child. If you can provide a safe and loving home in the foundation of Aboriginal
    traditional beliefs and values, please contact Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society.
Phone: 780-481-3451 | Website

    Catholic Social Services

  • Catholic Social Services offers foster care services and kinship care services to people of all faiths and
    cultures in Edmonton and area. Both programs offer strong support and guidance to foster and kinship
    families. This support includes experienced workers available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    Catholic Social Services believes a strong connection and relationship with families is the key to success
    in supporting those who care for children in need.
Phone: 780-471-1122 | Website

   Children First Family Services

  • Children First Family Services has provided a full spectrum of foster family support services for 15 years.
    This includes regularly scheduled visits with foster family homes to provide support, training and
    evaluative feedback. Staff are also available at any time to assist their families or children with any
    issues which may arise. Children First also provides support group meetings, respite and emergency
    care, counseling, and a mentoring program for new foster parents.
Phone: 780-433-6760 | Website

    Crossroads Family Services

  • Crossroads Family Services is a friendly, family-focused, values-based agency. We believe that children
    are society’s most valuable resource and we show our dedication by ensuring each child’s needs are
    identified and addressed during their time in care. Our staff respect and value each member of our foster
    families by working to deliver creative support and individualized training to build up the whole family.
Phone: 780-430-7715 | Website

    Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services

  • Among other services to support the safety and well-being of children, youth and families, Edmonton and
    Area Child and Family Services is responsible for finding and supporting safe, loving homes for children
    who come into government care. This includes the licensing of all foster homes as well as assessment
    and approval of kinship homes. In addition, we also provide caregivers a number of supports including
    training, foster parent support workers, respite care, 24-hour availability for crisis situations and more.
Phone: 780-422-3333 | Website

    McMan Youth, Family and Community Services

  • Foster families play an essential role in our community by providing homes for children whose families
    are temporarily unable to look after them. McMan’s foster care program believes that a family is the
    preferred living environment for children and youth. The program provides a safe place to live and people
    to care for them while helping children maintain contact with their own family and culture. McMan is
    looking for foster families who will open up their homes to provide nurturing care for children and
    youth in need.
Phone: 780-453-0417 | Website

    Métis Child and Family Services

  • The main objective of Métis Child and Family Services is to improve the quality of social services to
    Métis children and families in need. They believe the lives of Métis children who come into care are
    the responsibility of the Métis community. Métis Child and Family Services provides a high-level of
    hands-on support to their foster families.
Phone: 780-452-6100 | Website

   Mountain Plains Family Services

  • Mountain Plains believes that foster parents are their greatest resource! Since 1991, they have worked
    with foster families to ensure they create a positive, healthy and supported fostering experience. To
    accomplish this, Mountain Plains takes the time to know each of their foster families and provides a
    broad range of support options to promote foster family wellness.
Phone: 780-429-5990 | Website

    Pathways Family Services

  • Have you ever thought – I AM A GREAT PARENT! If so, then perhaps you would consider becoming a
    foster parent and joining our team. Pathways has been supporting families who provide foster care
    since the 1970s. Our culturally diverse team of professionals work directly with you as you navigate
    your fostering journey. Agency highlights include: team environment, foster care support worker who
    will visit you once per month, accessible office location, internationally accredited (CARF), morning/evening
    support meetings, training, direct deposit, 24 hr emergency phone line, and annual events focusing
    on children and caregivers.
Phone: 780-488-2444 | Website

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